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Hybrid Car Review: Consumer Reports names the Prius 'Most Satisfying' to own

Friday, March 03, 2006

Consumer Reports names the Prius 'Most Satisfying' to own

According to a recent poll by Consumer Reports, 95% of Prius owners would buy a Prius again. This is followed at 93% for a Corvette. Who would have thought such a difference could exist in measuring satisfaction in Americans. The Corvette is know for it's powerful engine and smooth ride. The Prius is know for it's great mileage and environmental concerns.

All other American cars listed in the most satisfying to own are powerful V-8 engines more noted for their speed. Some of the foreign made cars are more noted for their reliability.

That satisfaction is obviously being passed on to other car drivers. Toyota sold over 100,000 Prius hybrid cars in 2005.

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Anonymous said...


The interesting thing about this study with Prius being #1 and Corvette #2 is that many poeple that buy a Corvette probably do it for the same reason that many by a Prius, and that is that it is a lifestyle choice that offers a glimpse into the personality of the car owner.

One of the myths of the Corvette is that because of its high output V8 (400 hp) it gets poor gas mileage. Ask most owners and they will tell you that they pull down 28+ mpg on the highway.


Unknown said...

That's a very good point Keith. Both the corvette and the Prius are considered to be cars of choice, not of necessity.

I did not know that corvettes have such good gas mileage. According to Edmunds:

Manual: 18 mpg / 28 mpg
Automatic: 18 mpg / 26 mpg

So I'd be surprised if they really do get 28+, given that EPA estimates tend to be high.

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