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Hybrid Car Review: The Dodge Sprinter Plug-In Hybrid

Friday, March 31, 2006

The Dodge Sprinter Plug-In Hybrid

According to Daimmler Chrysler, 40 Dodge Sprinter plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) will be tested by customers in several locations in the US. California, Kansas City, and New York will receive shipments of a test fleet in order to investigate the feasibility of plug-in hybrids.

The Dodge Sprinter is available in three configurations, the cargo van, the passenger van and a cab chasis. Its particularly designed for commercial applications. With this purpose in mind, a commercial PHEV may be plugged in after each shift, and will work well in urban traffic situations.

According to the press release, the Dodge Sprinter PHEV can drive up to 20 miles on electric power alone. The switch over to electric only mode can be done automatically, or there is a switch available on the dashboard. There are two combustion engines, a V6 gasoline and a five cylinder diesel engine mated to the PHEV system. The diesel engine is being tested in this fleet.

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