Hybrids get a bad rap for EPA mileage estimates ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Hybrids get a bad rap for EPA mileage estimates

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hybrids get a bad rap for EPA mileage estimates

It's stories like this that give hybrids a bad rap on gas mileage.  Yes, the EPA estimates are higher than what you will get in the 'real world', although if you take your time, you can get higher than the EPA estimates.  But they don't point that out in the story. Instead, they just say how high the estimate is for hybrids, without comparing to all other cars.  It's bad reporting.

TheBostonChannel.com - News - Some Comsumers Unhappy With Hybrid's Fuel Efficiency

The sticker boasts 31 miles per gallon city driving, but a Team 5 investigation revealed a different story.

"I'm averaging somewhere around 21 and a half, which is disappointing considering the window sticker told me I'd be averaging somewhere around 31," said Jan Roberts, who drives a hybrid.

Roberts, a real estate agent, paid $5,000 more for her new Lexus hybrid because she thought that in the long run, the dual powering of electricity and gasoline would save her money on fuel.

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