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Hybrid Car Review: The problem with 'real world driving' reports

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The problem with 'real world driving' reports

Whenever someone writes about driving a hybrid and not getting the mileage they were promised by the EPA, they usually give you a number for their test drive. Unfortunately, that's not enough information to understand what's really going on.

Car and Driver's Patrick Bedard explains it all in this article being reproduced courtesy of Lexus. Mileage will vary based on who's driving, where he's driving, and most importantly, how he's driving that day.

Hybrid drivers routinely get higher mileage than other drivers for two reasons. The first is the technology in their car. The second is just as important, they pay attention to how they drive. There's even a group of hybrid drivers who routinely get better than the EPA estimates. Using techniques labeled hypermiling, some Prius drivers have gotten over 100 mpg.

Sometimes how you drive to your destination is just as important as getting there.

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