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Hybrid Car Review: Toyota Camry hybrid an experiment in progress

Monday, April 24, 2006

Toyota Camry hybrid an experiment in progress

Toyota is launching its new Camry hybrid next month. While they have been advertising the new hybrid with an ad campaign targeting the hispanic market, they are hoping the new camry will have mass appeal.

According to a report at, even Toyota is unsure of how well this hybrid family car experiment will go. Despite their success in the hybrid market, recent downturns in Honda sales of its Accord have to make Toyota nervous in roling out their latest hybrid.

But despite any concerns, the Toyota Camry hybrid has several advantages over the Accord hybrid. First, its not emphasizing the hybrid performance, but hybrid economy. With a smaller engine and better mileage, its more likely to appeal to those who would think about paying more money for a hybrid.

But more likely to appeal to a mass audience is its sticker price. At $5000 less than the Accord hybrid, the Toyota Camry hybrid will certainly be more successful.

Toyota is also timing the release of the Camry hybrid well. With the recent increase in gas prices, hybrid sales have accelerated this month and will most likely continue to do so.

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