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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hybrid Owners of America

Hybrid owners are getting their own lobbying group in Washington. As strange as it is to hear about a hybrid owners lobbying group, it's stranger to find out there is a SUV owners lobby group. Who knew there was a need for these types of groups. And more importantly, who funds them?

The new hybrid owners lobbying group has a website here: www.40mpg.org.

Hybrid owners get lobby - 08/17/06 - The Detroit News Online

Taking a page from the SUV Owners of America, a new group calling itself "Hybrid Owners of America" will kick off its lobbying efforts today to "advocate for the interests of the more than half a million Americans who already own hybrid gas-electric cars and other vehicles."

Hybrid Owners of America spokeswoman Ailis Aaron Wolf said the group is independent from the auto industry.

"Hybrid Owners of America will strive to be a true voice for owners of gas-electric hybrid cars and other highly fuel-efficient vehicles," she said. "HOA will track and defend existing hybrid purchase incentives as well as advocating for new incentive arrangements."

Ron DeFore, who is spokesman for the SUV Owners of America, said the organization opposes special perks for hybrid owners.

"We're not against hybrids. We just think all of the benefits for hybrid owners discriminate against people who want to drive SUVs," DeFore said.

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Dahcredyns said...

I HATE lobbyists. While I believe in advocating for more incentives for the buyers of hybrid vehicles and other fuel efficient technologies, I believe it should happen at the grassroots level. Lobbyists are the reason we have such a problem with foreign oil dependency in the first place. Sure, you might have to fight fire with fire sometimes, so I'll try to remain objective. Still, I'd rather align myself with citizens, not lobbyists.

Chad Snyder

Anonymous said...

Actually, the URL for the Hybrid Owners of America is http://www.hybridownersofamerica.org. The 40mpg.org Web site is the Civil Society Institute Web site dedicated to promoting higher U.S. fuel-efficiency standards.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the correction Scott.

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