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Hybrid Car Review: The best way to drive a Ford Escape Hybrid

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The best way to drive a Ford Escape Hybrid

Are you worried about when to coast, when to shift to 'L' or 'D'? What about how quickly should you accelerate from stop lights/signs? There's a great discussion over at GreenHybrid on how to drive your Ford Escape Hybrid and get over 30 mpg.

For example:

-Don't snail from traffic lights. It takes more gas to recharge the battery than to accelerate normally from a light.

- Don't use L unless you really need to control your speed on a hill, or want to "encourage" the FEH to go to EV mode (when under 40mph). I prefer to "double tap" the brakes to encourage EV mode and then coast or very gently assist my speed with the battery in EV mode.

- Avoid using the A/C or defroster. It cuts the mileage by about 3mpg

- Drive with the load. Slow a bit as you crest a hill. Gain a little extra speed going down hills.

- Try to keep the engine under 2400rpm when possible. Obviously when climbing a hill or merging this is not possible.

- Anticipate traffic. Look ahead, way ahead. The goal is to maintain your momentum as much as safely possible. Anticipating traffic, stale green lights, stop signs, etc., helps you to avoid braking (and is safer than following right behind the car in front of you)

To read more, head on over to the discussion on how best to drive the Ford Escape Hybrid.

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