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Hybrid Car Review: Misleading Headlines

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Misleading Headlines

After reading the following headline "Easton police pass on hybrid cars", you would think that all hybrid cars were rejected by the Easton Police force. After reading the article, you would think all hybrid cars are small and cramped with little to offer.

EASTON — Fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles, powered by both gasoline and electricity, are not suitable for use by the Police Department, primarily because they are too small to transport prisoners, police officials have concluded.

It's only when you carefully read the whole article you get the sense the police department looked at the Honda Civic Hybrid, and that hybrid only. So, of course they rejected the Civic as being too small for normal police work. Especially when they are comparing it to the Ford Crown Victoria.

If they had looked at any of the other hybrid cars available today, from the Toyota Prius, a midsize car, up to any of hybrid SUVs available, or even the Chevy Silverado Hybrid truck, they may have changed their minds.

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