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Hybrid Car Review: Hybrids Gain Access to the Arizona HOV Lane

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hybrids Gain Access to the Arizona HOV Lane

Hybrid cars are now eligible for solo access to the Arizona HOV lane. But only three of they hybrids available on the road today are eligible. The Toyota Prius, Honda Civic and Honda Insight (now out of production).

These three cars were chosen because the US EPA would only sign off on them. These are the three most fuel efficient hybrid cars available. Some lawmakers have stated they want to give access to other fuel efficient cars, but they need federal government approval.

In order to gain access, drivers need to apply for special permits and plates. Arizona has not been a hotbed of hybrid car activity so far. Although 10,000 hybrid cars can apply on a first come first serve basis, there are only 9,000 hybrids currently registered.

Bi-fuels are losing their access because of federal government pressure.

There may be a 90 day phase in period on the new rules.

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