Hybrids top the Best Overall Values List ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Hybrids top the Best Overall Values List

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hybrids top the Best Overall Values List

The Toyota Prius, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, and Ford Escape Hybrid were awarded Best Overall Value of the Year (2006) by Intellichoice, an online source for automotive ownership cost and value analysis. All three were noted last year. In all, five hybrid cars took eight awards in their respective classes, including the Honda Civic Hybrid and the Honda Insight .

The Prius took the Best Overall Car under $23,000, while the Ford Escape Hybrid and Toyota Highlander Hybrid took the Best Overall SUV under and over $28,000, respectively. Intellichoice has repeatedly championed the hybrid vehicles as costing less to own over the lifetime of the car.

"Best Overall Value of the Year" awards recognize vehicles whose cost of ownership is significantly lower than that of peer models.

The eight overall category winners are:

  • Best Car Value Under $23,000 - Toyota Prius
  • Best Car Value Over $23,000 - Lexus LS 430
  • Best SUV Value Under $28,000 - Ford Escape Hybrid 2WD
  • Best SUV Value Over $28,000 - Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2WD
  • Best Truck Value Under $26,000 - Toyota Tundra Regular Cab 2WD
  • Best Truck Value Over $26,000 - Toyota Tundra Extended Cab 4WD
  • Best Van Value Under $25,000 - Honda Odyssey LX
  • Best Van Value Over $25,000 - Honda Odyssey EX
Hybrids were noted to be the best value in the following categories:
  • Subcompact: Honda Insight (discontinued)
  • Compact Over $16,000: Honda Civic Hybrid
  • Midsize Under $21,000: Toyota Prius
  • Compact Utility Over $21,000: Ford Escape Hybrid 2WD
  • Intermediate Utility Over $29,000: Toyota Highlander 2WD

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