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Hybrid Car Review: Kia Rio Hybrid

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Kia Rio Hybrid

Kia will be unveiling a Rio hybrid at the Geneva Auto Show on March 6th. A 4 cylinder gas engine (90 hp) attached to a 12 kW electric motor won't get much excitement from anyone, but it does show how hybrids are catching on across the board.

The Kia Rio is a compact sedan with an EPA rating of 29 City/ 38 Highway. The 2007 model comes with a MSRP of $10,770 - $14,345 according to Edmunds. I would imagine the price range of the hybrid (if it's a full hybrid) would come in at at several thousand more. But the fuel economy savings could be in the 40's? But this is all speculation at this point

In order to test the new hybrid, Kia will release almost 4,000 Rio Hybrids to the Korean Ministry of the Environment.

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