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Hybrid Car Review: Gas Prices Opinion Survey

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gas Prices Opinion Survey

A new poll conducted by Opinion Research Corporation for the nonprofit Civil Society Institute which runs project indicates people are getting frustrated with high gas prices.

Expectations are low on price hikes, with 72 percent expecting $3.50 a gallon and 28 percent expect to see $4.00 a gallon this summer. Not surprisingly, 83 percent of those surveyed think price gouging is occurring at the pump.

If gas prices do hit $3.50 a gallon, around half of those surveyed will probably cut back on personal spending or travel. Also, 35 percent would be more likely to buy a hybrid or other highly fuel-efficient car.

More than three quarters feel the recent gas prices want more to be done about the high energy costs and our dependence on Middle Eastern oil (Democrats 88 percent, Republicans 64 percent and Independents at 79 percent). 67 percent feel the recent gas prices warrant government action to increase fuel efficiency standards (R-61, D-75, Ind-65).

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Anonymous said...

If you think you have problems, in the UK we are currently paying about $7 a gallon and prices are looking to go up to anywhere around close to $8.

Unknown said...

Wouldn't that be measured by the liter?

The US economy might come to a standstill, however, if we were faced with the same price range. I know I would be in big trouble given my long commute.

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