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Hybrid Car Review: Honda Accord Hybrid to End

Monday, June 04, 2007

Honda Accord Hybrid to End

Not surprisingly, Honda has decided to end the run of the Honda Accord Hybrid. Built for performance, not for fuel economy, the Accord hybrid sales have suffered mightily since its strong debut.

The Accord Hybrid was introduced in December, 2004 in the US. After selling over 16,330 thousand units through October, 2005, with the highlight occuring in September, 2005 when Honda sold 2,352 units. Since then, Honda has managed to sell only half that number (8,857). The Accord hybrid never again broke the 1,000 units sold, with year to year comparisons showing a decrease every single month.

With the Accord Hybrid ending its production, that leaves Honda with just the Civic Hybrid. Honda is currently developing another subcompact hybrid model.

This is only the second hybrid car to be retired, the only other one being the Honda Insight. The Insight, although it was first to the US market, never took off in popularity. Despite its remarkable fuel economy numbers, being a two-seater limited its capabilities for the average US driver.

The Accord may come with a clean diesel engine that is slated to be introduced in 2009.

Source: Honda opts not to produce hybrid version of new Accord - report -

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