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Hybrid Car Review: A New Dedicated Hybrid From Toyota?

Monday, June 25, 2007

A New Dedicated Hybrid From Toyota?

The Nikkei is reporting Toyota will offer another dedicated hybrid car in 2009. Currently, the only dedicated hybrid on the road is the Prius. All other models have a hybrid option.

The new model is already being developed with a 2 to 3-litre engine. According to the Nikkei, it will likely be manufactured at the Miyata plant on Japan's southern island of Kyushu.

Honda had sold a dedicated hybrid, the Insight, until it was retired last year. The Insight was a two-seater and wasn't a practical choice for most buyers, despite its phenomenal fuel economy. Honda has promised a new dedicated hybrid.

Toyota is expecting to sell 100,000 of the new dedicated hybrid around the world.

Some analysts have claimed that some of the success of the Prius comes by not having a direct comparison. A hybrid vehicle can cost several thousand dollars more than its conventional counterpart, which may make some buyers reluctant to buy the hybrid version of the car.

Although, recent analysis has shown hybrid cars will save you money over time.

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