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Hybrid Car Review: Toyota in Trouble Again For Advertising in the UK

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Toyota in Trouble Again For Advertising in the UK

Toyota was recently warned for misrepresenting the RX400h and its emissions in the UK. And now they've gotten in trouble again for misrepresenting the Prius.

Just a few weeks ago, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK warned Toyota for misrepresenting the RX400h. Toyota was touting the following tagline: "HIGH PERFORMANCE. LOW EMISSIONS. ZERO GUILT." But, the ASA pointed out the average car in the Europe emits less than 160 g/km, while the RX400h emits 192 g/km. Toyota says, in its class, the RX400h has low emissions, which is true. But the ASA still didn't like it.

And now, Toyota is in trouble again for advertising the Prius. This time, Toyota wanted the viewing public to know the Prius emitted up to a tonne of CO2 less a year than the an equivalent family car with a diesel engine. But the ASA points out Toyota was using the 12,430-mile standard from the US, not the UK. In the UK, they only average 8,340-miles a year.

Toyota said it had qualified the claim by saying the Prius CO2 emissions were 'up to' one tonne less a year. The ASA agreed the Prius emitted significantly less CO2 than some other cars with greater engine capacity, but "we did not consider their evidence demonstrated that it emitted one tonne less than equivalent vehicles with diesel engines or that it took into account the average annual distance driven by private cars in the UK."

Here's the ad care of youtube. Thanks to ABG for finding it.

Toyota was ordered not to broadcast the Prius advertisement again the same form.

Source: Guardian Unlimited

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