Some More Information on the Audi Q7 Hybrid ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Some More Information on the Audi Q7 Hybrid

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Some More Information on the Audi Q7 Hybrid

Audi is looking to bring a hybrid Q7 to market some time in 2008. They developed their hybrid system with Volkswagen and Porsche, but will be first to market.

The Audi AG's head of powertrain electronics unit was quoted as saying the system is modular and can be easily adapted to different model ranges. Since the system is modular, Porsche will be using the hybrid system in the Cayenne and the Panamera.

Some details on the Audi Q7 Hybrid:

  • 3.6 liter, 280 hp fuel injected engine
  • Capable of 23 mpg.
  • The gas engine may turn off at 75 mph if the driver does not step on the accelerator.
  • Parallel hybrid system
  • Air conditioning, automatic transmission and brake booster run off the electric engine
  • regenerative braking
  • nickel metal hydride battery with a peak of 288 volts.
  • Total added weight is 309 lbs from the hybrid system
  • Battery is located in the spare wheel well.
Source: Audi will launch first U.S. hybrid, diesel next year - Automotive News

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