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Hybrid Car Review: GM Reveals Chinese Hybrid Car

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

GM Reveals Chinese Hybrid Car

Shanghai GM Buick LaCrosse Eco HybridGM unveiled it's first locally made hybrid car in China, the Buick LaCrosse Eco-Hybrid. The new hybrid increased it's fuel economy to 8.3 liters per 100 km.

The new hybrid car from GM is built by Shanghai GM, a partnership between GM and SAIC Motor Corp. Shanghai GM also has plans to build another hybrid car using the two mode hybrid system later.

The Buick Lacross Eco-Hybrid is built using mild hybrid technology from GM. The belt alternator system (BAS) is used to assist the gas engine in moving the car, but is not capable of moving the car on electric power alone.

Chang'an Auto recently released a hybrid car built in China, the HEV. Chang'an partners with Ford. The Prius is also built in China, but critical components are shipped in from Japan.

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