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Hybrid Car Review: Toyota Hybrid Car Plans

Monday, January 14, 2008

Toyota Hybrid Car Plans

As part of a speech on what Toyota plans are for the next few years, Toyota President, Katsuaki Watanabe announced they would have a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) on the road by 2010. The PHEV would use lithium-ion batteries.

Toyota also has plans to develop two new dedicated hybrids. One would be developed for Toyota and one would be built for Lexus. Both should be ready for introduction at next years Auto Show in Detroit.

Jim Lentz, president of Toyota's U.S. sales operation, has said Toyota would not be offering a hybrid in every model, saying it may not make sense for every model. Instead they are going to 'hedge' their bets, offering plenty of different options.

Although he expects the PHEV to be available in 2010, it would most likely only be sold to corporations and governments at first.

In an effort to hit the 2020 CAFE goal early, Toyota will be offering a diesel version of the Tundra and Sequoia.

Source: NYTimes

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