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Hybrid Car Review: Dodge Ram Hybrid in the Works for Chrysler

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dodge Ram Hybrid in the Works for Chrysler

Dodge Ram PickupChrysler, as part of a deal with BMW and GM, co-developed the two-mode hybrid system we've only seen so far from GM. But both Chrysler and BMW have their own vehicles in mind to hybridize, and Chrysler just confirmed the Dodge Ram will have a hybrid version in 2010.

The pickup is part of the reshaping Chrysler hopes to do over the next several years after being sold to Cerberus Capital Management LP, who acquired an 80 percent stake in the automaker last year. They already have the Dodge Durango Hybrid in the works, along with a Chrysler Aspen Hybrid. They have set up a hybrid division called ENVI.

Chrysler development chief, Frank Klegon, said the Ram Hybrid will use nickel metal hydride batteries. It will also reduce the engine to just four cylinders at highway speeds up to 70 mph.

"We are going to need to expand our hybrid offerings and we are doing that, we just haven’t announced which specific vehicles are going to show up beyond the truck."

Source: Reuters. Photo from flickr by Scott Ingram Photography.

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