Hybrid Car Sales, March 2008 ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid Car Sales, March 2008

Monday, April 07, 2008

Hybrid Car Sales, March 2008

Hybrid Car Sales, March 2008Hybrid car sales were way up in March, despite the 12% drop in the marketplace. Hybrid car sales increased by 10% over March 2007 for a total of 38,214 units sold. That does not include GM hybrid cars, because GM doesn't break out hybrid car sales.

Toyota Hybrid Car Sales for March 2008

Toyota hybrid sales were up about 11%. Prius sales were up slightly, while Camry Hybrid sales increased by 35%. Highlander Hybrid sales were down to 2,239 units sold. As usual, Prius sales alone accounted for half of all hybrid car sales in the US at 20,635. The next closest competitor was the Camry Hybrid.

Hybrid Car Sales, Year to Year March 2007 to 2008Lexus sales were mixed, with an increase in RX 400h, but a decrease in GS 450h. Lexus sold 113 of the newly introduced LS 600h L.

Honda Hybrid Car Sales for March 2008

Honda Civic Hybrid sales were up by 34% making it the third most popular hybrid, while Accord Hybrid sales were down by 86%. The Accord Hybrid has been retired, so sales keep dropping until the inventory has been run through. Honda is hoping to really increase sales in a couple of years by introducing a Global Hybrid, what some Honda supporters are calling a Prius killer. In the meantime, Honda hybrid sales were up 20% overall.

Ford and Nissan Hybrid Car Sales for March 2008

Percentage Hybrid Car Sales, March 2008Ford hybrid car sales dropped 20% on their Ford Escape Hybrid and Mercury Mariner Hybrid. But Nissan increased sales of their Altima Hybrid by 80%, although sales are still very limited. Nissan is still restricting sales to only eight states.

Make Model Mar-07 Mar-08 % Change
Honda Accord 385 53 -86%
Honda Civic 2,813 3,769 34%
Honda Insight 1 0 -100%
Toyota Prius 19,156 20,635 8%
Toyota Highlander 2,501 2,239 -10%
Toyota Camry 5,144 6,930 35%
Toyota GS 450h 181 65 -64%
Toyota RX 400h 1,471 1,570 7%
Toyota LS600hL 0 113 -
Ford Escape/Mariner 2,523 2,008 -20%
Nissan Altima 462 832 80%
34637 38214 10%
Make Model Cumulative, 2006 Cumulative, 2007 % Change
Honda Accord 945 143 -85%
Honda Civic 6520 7322 12%
Honda Insight 1 0 -100%
Toyota Prius 39682 42909 8%
Toyota Highlander 6203 6320 2%
Toyota Camry 11277 14801 31%
Toyota GS 450h 508 206 -59%
Toyota RX 400h 3965 3929 -1%
Toyota LS600hL 0 330 -
Ford Escape/Mariner 5457 5225 -4%
Nissan Altima 668 1834 175%
75226 83019 10%

Update: GM Hybrid Car Sales for March, 2008

Although GM doesn't break out their numbers, I found a source (via ABG) for how many they have sold through the quarter (843) and how many just this month (577). About 450 were Yukons and Tahoe Hybrids. That makes sense since they have been on pace to sell around 100 Aura and Vue Hybrids (mild version) each month.

There are questions about whether the low numbers so far reflect demand or if they reflect supply. Only time will tell if more people will be interested in paying $50,000 for a hybrid SUV.

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