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Hybrid Car Review: LA May Pull Back on Free Parking for Hybrid Cars

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

LA May Pull Back on Free Parking for Hybrid Cars

LA City HallCouncilman Bill Rosendahl has forced the free parking policy for hybrid cars back into committee, despite the City Council signing off on the ordinance last week. Rosendahl cited the lost revenue in a time of budget crunch for wanting to phase the program out.

"My hope would be to phase it out by the end of `08," Rosendahl said today. "We're in a budget crunch here, you know, as a city, and I think that the benefit that (the free parking) has already given has been felt and I'm looking forward to other motions going forward on electric vehicles and others."

City Councilwoman Wendy Greuel, was understandably confused by Rosendahl's push to retrieve the ordinance. The matter has been discussed several times since September of last year when they directed the dept of transportation to draft the extension on the ordinance.

To have it pulled back after it went out the door seems strange to me.

Source: L.A. makes U-turn on hybrid car perks - Press-Telegram

Photo from Flickr: pink_fish13

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Anonymous said...

It's called greed....they can't fuck people over with their ANTIGRIDLOCK laws and so on...a scam to tow people at 3PM on non-posted, metered streets @ $300 a pop for tow and ticket.

Anonymous said...

What an idiot Bill Rosendahl is..."But hybrids don't need assistance from us. They already are getting a benefit from the savings they get by not having to buy $4-a-gallon gas..."
What the fuck does he think we put in our hybrids? Diet Coke?
This program costs the city so little money. Far far less than the raises these City Council douchebags keep giving themselves.
Ridiculous to pass this unanimously then take it back. WTF?

Unknown said...

I don't know Rosendahl, I'm not even in the state of California, so I can't say I know anything at all about the situation there.

But, my guess is he got some pressure from outside. After it was passed and reported on, someone must have gotten in his ear about it.

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