Hybrid Car Sales, June 2008 ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid Car Sales, June 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hybrid Car Sales, June 2008

Hybrid Car Sales June 2008 Compared to June 2007Hybrid car sales were down in June from the hybrid car sales in June, 2007.  That's the second time in a row, but it's not for lack of demand.  Car makers just can't keep up with the demand right now for hybrid cars and the strain is forcing the comparison to last year down.

Percent of Hybrid Car Sales by Make and Model

Hybrid car sales were down a total of 29%.  Except for the Nissan Altima Hybrid, every other hybrid car  with a history from last year showed a drop. Total sales were at 24,315, down from 34,300 in June, 2007.  But demand is so high the Prius is down to a 4 day turn around on dealer's lots.  The industry average is about two months.

Despite sales dropping for two months in a row, cumulative sales are even, with a slight positive from last year at this point.  Toyota sales are down slightly, but the difference is made up by the Honda Civic Hybrid and Altima Hybrid sales and the additional sales from the Yukon/Tahoe.


Make Model Jun-07 Jun-08 % Change
Honda Accord 342 7 -98%
Honda Civic 3,246 2,710 -17%
Honda Insight 0 0 -
Toyota Prius 17,756 11,765 -34%
Toyota Highlander 2,403 1,511 -37%
Toyota Camry 5,530 3,054 -45%
Toyota GS 450h 131 73 -44%
Toyota RX 400h 1,562 1,330 -15%
Toyota LS600hL 0 73 -
Ford Escape/Mariner 2,526 1,912 -24%
Nissan Altima 804 1,333 66%
GM Yukon/Tahoe 0 547 -
Total 34,300 24,315 -29%
Make Model Cumulative, 2007 Cumulative, 2008 % Change
Honda Accord 2,044 191 -91%
Honda Civic 17,141 19,032 11%
Honda Insight 3 0 -100%
Toyota Prius 94,503 91,442 -3%
Toyota Highlander 14,312 13,053 -9%
Toyota Camry 28,070 30,532 9%
Toyota GS 450h 994 459 -54%
Toyota RX 400h 8,657 9,038 4%
Toyota LS600hL 0 637 -
Ford Escape/Mariner 13,472 11,422 -15%
Nissan Altima 2,776 5,575 101%
GM Yukon/Tahoe 0 1,136 -
Total 181,972 182,517 0%

Hybrid Car Sales June 2008

Looking ahead, hybrid car sales for the year will likely remain flat from last year.  The car companies are selling hybrid cars as quickly as they make them, practically custom production.  High gas prices are fueling a sky high demand for hybrid cars.  The problem is, there are only so many to go around.  There are no additional hybrids that will make a significant addition to the sales, so we'll be left with a very similar picture that we had last year.

Hybrid Car Sales Through June 2008

BTW, Sorry about the report going out so late this month.  I was on vacation and didn't have a good chance to get this done.


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