I/L Gets the Chevy Volt Delivered ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: I/L Gets the Chevy Volt Delivered

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I/L Gets the Chevy Volt Delivered

On it's way to the LA Auto Show, the Chevy Volt was dropped off at I/L, giving them a chance to review the new plug-in E-REV from GM.

Although it's not quite production, the model shown has production bodywork. The inside is also set to what it should look like. The big shortcoming?  The demonstration vehicle isn't working off of plug-in power.

The take-away mesage is two-fold.  The Volt could have been built with a smaller gas engine, but GM chose not to do so. By using a larger engine, they could easily move into a larger body type.  Also, despite all the bad news (economy-wise), GM is already working on the second generation, and this before they've gotten the first generation out the door.

Source: An Insider Look at the Chevy Volt at Edmunds.

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