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Hybrid Car Review: Poughkeepsie Hybrid Diesel Buses

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Poughkeepsie Hybrid Diesel Buses

Poughkeepsie officials showed off their four new diesel-electric hybrid buses they bought with the help of state and federal funds. That brings their total number of buses up to eleven.

The hybrid buses cost $500,000 to purchase, as opposed to diesel only variants which only cost $250,000.   The $2 million purchase only cost the town about $240,000.  The rest of the money came from the state Department of Transportation, the state Clean Fuel Initiative program and the Federal Transit Administration.

Assistant Public Works Superintendent Stanley Merritt expects to save 7% in savings. (As long as they don't have all the issues they had in Toronto, that is.)  That's a savings of more than $300,000 over their expected 12-year life span.

The diesel electric hybrid buses operate on battery power at low, up to 17 mph, speeds. From 18 - 30 mph, they are powered by a mix of electric and diesel power, with the diesel engines taking over completely at higher speeds.

The new buses offer better access for wheelchairs or heavy electronic scooters by using low-floor access rather than motorized lifts.  They also have bike racks.

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