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Hybrid Car Review: Honda Insight Outsells Toyota Prius in Japan

Friday, March 06, 2009

Honda Insight Outsells Toyota Prius in Japan

According to a Nikkei report (found via GCC), the Honda Insight outsold the Toyota Prius in Japan for at least one month.

Honda sold 4,906 Insights in February, which made it the 10th best selling new car in February, excluding minicars with less than 660cc.  They also have another 10,000 units on backorder. But Toyota sold 4,524 Prius, putting it 12th on the same list.

The third generation Prius is coming in the next couple of months, putting a downward pressure on sales, as customers anticipate the new model.  That means the standings are not likely to stand.  But the less expensive Insight is obviously having an impact on the market already.

According to reports, Toyota is going to continue to sell the old generation Prius as a cheaper alternative to the new Prius.  They hope to compete against the less expensive Insight by keeping the old Prius price down.

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