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Hybrid Car Review: Tesla Unveils Model S

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tesla Unveils Model S

Tesla worked hard to create a memorable unveiling of their electric Model S today via live streaming video coverage, powered by Ustream.Tv on leftlanenews (here). Too bad digg founder Kevin Rose unveiled pictures via flickr of the Model S two hours before they did.

Also, the live stream seemed to have some issues.

Anyways, the pictures themselves are very exciting to look at.  The biggest discussion is all about that big screen on the center panel.

The Model S is supposed to cost upwards of $57,000, although with the federal tax credit (if you qualify for it) will bring that down to a mere $50,000.

Leftlanenews has more pictures up from the live reveal.

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Anonymous said...

This car seems pretty good to me. The only thing weirding me out is the navigation system, but then again that's just me. Not bad of a price either, it's quite competitive I think.

Unknown said...

Well, I can't say the same thing about the price. Not that I don't understand it or that it isn't competitive, but it's way out of what I could afford to do.

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