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Hybrid Car Review: Insight Outsells Prius in UK

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Insight Outsells Prius in UK

The Honda Insight is outselling the Toyota Prius (and other hybrids) in the UK... for now.

In its first month of sales, Honda has sold 229 Insights in the UK, 31 more units than the Toyota Prius. Honda also sold 79 Civic Hybrids with a few days remaining in the month of April.

“The Insight is proving a hit with cost-savvy consumers looking for a cleaner car that’s more affordable,” said John Kingston, Honda (UK)’s Environment and Government Affairs Manager. “More and more people want a car that makes sound financial sense, especially in the current economic climate, and the Insight offers numerous running cost savings such as reduced road tax of £15 per year and great fuel economy.”

Honda hopes to sell 7,000 Insights in the UK this year, and has a sales goal of 200,000 units worldwide.

The pace they've set in the UK has been good so far, but the next generation Prius will start sales in the US at the end of the month. At that point, we may get a much better impression of how much competition the Insight can truly be for the Prius.

Press Release found via GCC.

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