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Hybrid Car Review: Safety Recall, the Tesla Way

Friday, May 29, 2009

Safety Recall, the Tesla Way

Tesla has issued a safety recall on the rear, inner hub flange bolts for their Roadster, which is certainly disappointing for a vehicle that costs over $100,000 to purchase. And if you were one of the 345 owners affected by the recall and had to bring your roadster back in to have the bolt tightened correctly, that would be a typical situation for any car owner. But after paying all that money, I'm betting you wouldn't be happy about it.

But Tesla has decided to turn this situation around and create some good press and good feelings instead. Instead of having the owners bring the car back to them, they are going to the owners. A house-call, if you will.  So instead of bad feelings all around, I'm betting the owners are thinking, "Hey, bad things happen.  It's what you do when it happens that matters."

Tesla is making sure to let everyone know the issues is not related to 'their' powertrain, but it is a manufacturing issue.  Lotus, which builds the Roadster, is also having their Elise and Exige recalled for a similar issue.

The technician sent by Tesla will come to the owners home or office and if necessary, will take the vehicle back to the the repair facility.  Service will be performed at no charge and will include a complimentary, full-vehicle inspection and software upgrade.

“We plan to do everything we can to address this matter swiftly and keep customers satisfied,” said Greg Zanghi, Tesla’s Director of Service and Parts Operations.

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