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Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid Car Sales Will be Up for June

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hybrid Car Sales Will be Up for June

I don't have all the data I need to make my normal monthly report on hybrid car sales, but so far, the numbers look good. With just the reported values from Honda, Toyota and Ford, hybrid car sales so far are at 24,055. Total hybrid car sales in June, 2008 were 24,315 units sold. 

So, unless Nissan and GM sales come in under 260 units, hybrid car sales will be up for June, the first time they have been positive since April, 2008.

The numbers so far:

June, 2008 June, 2009 % Change
Ford 1,912 3,649 91%
GM 547 - -
Honda 2,717 3,662 35%
Nissan 1,333 - -
Toyota 17,806 16,744 -6%
Total 24,315 24,055 -1%

Prius sales were up 10% from last year, but most of the increase for 2009 comes from new models (Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, and Honda Insight) being sold.

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Anonymous said...

The statistics you've shown couldn't be more clear. But i don't think it makes a lot of difference if they're developing electric cars instead of hybrid. Although both are environment friendly, these cars still produce a lot of energy and therefore still churns out a lot of oil.

--Mr. CARZone, Carz Rules! Except those GM Hummer ones.

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