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Hybrid Car Review: Toyota Exec Complains About Ontario Plug-in Rebates

Monday, July 20, 2009

Toyota Exec Complains About Ontario Plug-in Rebates

Toyota is complaining, but the new policy by the Ontario Government could help them in the long run.

Ontario is going to offer up to to $10,000 to those who buy plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles. The car most likely to benefit from the new policy is the Chevy Volt from GM. Not by accident, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty was standing in front of a Chevy Volt when he made the announcement. The E-REV will likely be the biggest benefactor from the benefit.

Toyota is complaining because Canada is now a part owner (like the US government) of GM. Which means they are offering a subsidy on a car they are selling (in a sorta-kinda way).

"The question is: Is this a well-thought-out industry strategy? Or is it sort of the next stage in advancing a particular product and helping a particular company?" Stephen Beatty, managing director of Toyota Canada Inc., said.

Which is a bit much, to be honest.

Government agencies around the world have been intervening in the auto industry for decades. The whole industry has been propped up over the past few years, and Toyota has benefited as much as anyone from the new rules being laid out for fuel efficiency.

For them to complain about a policy to promote hybrid technology, a field in which they are the current leaders by a fair margin, is a bit much. Yes, the Chevy Volt will most likely lead the way for plug-ins, but Toyota isn't likely to let that stand for long. And the more interest generated in the field will ultimately benefit Toyota the most.

If nothing else, the more plug-in and hybrids and electric cars sold, the more likely battery costs will drop. That will lead to savings for Toyota, the automaker who sells the most hybrids by a wide margin.

So, sorry Beatty, if we don't worry too much about a short term policy that will ultimately benefit you.

Source: Toyota slams Ontario's plan for electric-car rebates

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