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Hybrid Car Review: Toyota Camry Hybrid in Australia

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Toyota Camry Hybrid in Australia

Toyota of Australia began a pilot build program at the end of August for the Camry Hybrid. The pilot program at the Altoon assembly plant in Melbourne produces a small batch of vehicles to test the processes, parts and assembly methods.

The pilot production begin in anticipation of full scale production beginning in December, with sales starting in February. The Camry Hybrid built in Australia will be the first hybrid built in Australia. The powertrain and hybrid technology will be imported for assembly.

"The Hybrid Camry is a significant step towards a greener, more sustainable automotive industry," Federal Industry Minister Kim Carr said in a statement.
The car will give Australians a choice if they prefer a hybrid, he said. "This is a major achievement for Toyota Australia - this plant is one of only five Toyota plants in the world making hybrid vehicles."

Once it is up and running, Toyota plans on producing 10,000 hybrids per year for domestic sale and 300 for export to New Zealand.

The Federal Government gave AU$35 million to Toyota from the Green Car Fund in order to help Toyota in making the changes necessary to build the hybrid in Australia. Toyota will spend AU$145 million in the total re-work.

"This is a major achievement — particularly in the current global economic climate — and a major vote of confidence for Victoria and our economy," Premier John Brumby said.

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