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Hybrid Car Review: The Nissan Leaf Electric Battery Video

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Nissan Leaf Electric Battery Video

Nissan released a 60 second video on the battery pack found in the upcoming Nissan Leaf.  Nothing really new here, but the basics are the best place to start, right?

Update: Nissan is looking to create a business model for recycling the lithium-ion battery packs that are beginning to show up in electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

To do that, Nissan and Sumitomo Corp are going to team up to build a battery recycling business. The battery packs, after running too low to hold a charge for cars, can still be used in 'stationary systems ranging from emergency back-up power to storage of solar and wind-generated electricity.'

Nissan is expected to lease the battery pack to car buyers. By creating a marketplace for recycled batteries, the recycled value can be entered in to the cost of building the batteries in the first place.

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Michael Glynn said...

All of this new technology that is comming - the leaf, the volt - all electric vehicles, will present unique challenges to salespeople whose job will be to educate consumers to try this new technology (at a premium price!). It will be a difficult challenge, with the exception of early adopters. It is one thing to be impressed at a show, it is quite another to make the full commitment to abandon a technology you have known for years for a new technology with no track record. I can just see customers having all sorts of (probably false) concerns about batteries exploding or acid leaking, etc.
It's my job to advise them on how to do this(editor, make the sale. The manufacturers had better come out with some compelling POS material as well as s ignificant guarantees to consumers to get them to adopt right away. I'd hate to see this go the way of the EV-1.

Michael Glynn

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