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Hybrid Car Review: Paice vs Toyota: Follow the Link

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Paice vs Toyota: Follow the Link

This is a great write-up on the Paice litigation against Toyota.

Car Wars: Toyota Locked In Litigation Over Hybrids

Paice doesn't make hybrid cars, nor does it have any plans to do so. Instead, the company's goal is money—getting the maximum royalty fee for every Toyota hybrid sold here using technology that a federal court in Texas already found belongs to Paice.

"It's a death blow for Paice if Toyota is able to take our ideas and not pay for them," said Paice lead counsel Ruffin Cordell, a Washington partner at Fish & Richardson. "These guys have been using Paice's technology for years now."
It makes it hard to sympathize with Paice, when they have no intention of ever building off of their ideas. But at the same time, they did market their work to auto companies. And I do support the idea of patenting your work.

Either way, if you really want the details on the litigation, follow the link above. The write-up takes you through the entire story up to today.

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