But Do You Want Them to Pick You Up? ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: But Do You Want Them to Pick You Up?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

But Do You Want Them to Pick You Up?

Enterprise Rent-A-Car will be offering 500 Nissan Leafs for rent starting January 2011. The Nissan Leaf, an all electric vehicle (EV), has a range of about 100 miles (depends on your driving conditions). It can be recharged in a standard 110-volt home outlet. Although you do have the option of speeding things up if you have a 220-volt or even a 480-volt outlet available.

Enterprise is offering the EV in eight different markets; Phoenix and Tucson, Ariz.; Knoxville and Nashville, Tenn.; San Diego; Los Angeles; Portland, Ore.; and Seattle. The cars will only be available in limited number of branches, assuring they can train their workers on how to show customers how to recharge.

Beginning in November, Enterprise locations will be installing charging stations at 100 locations.

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