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Hybrid Car Review: Autoweek interviews Ford's new hybrid chief

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Autoweek interviews Ford's new hybrid chief

Nancy Gioia as the new director of Ford Motor Co.'s Sustainable Mobility Technologies and Hybrid Vehicle Programs was interviewed by Autoweek. Among her new responsibilities, Goia will be leading Ford's 300 member engineering team in developing the new hybrid transmission for Ford.

Nancy will be responsible for Bill Ford's goal of hybrid technology available in 50% of Ford's products. As part of that goal, the engineering team is working on Gen II hybrid technology which she expects to see in 2008 products. At the same time, they are already working on Generation III.

Working on Generation III when Gen II isn't available may seem strange, but as she puts it: "When we talk about generations, we are talking about taking advantage of consolidation and micronization - things getting smaller - which is good for hybrids because of better weight and smaller package." She goes on to say, "We already have an idea of what Gen III will look like, and we even have ideas for what comes after that."

Nancy seems to bristle when the interviewer mentions Toyota and Honda large lead when it comes to the area of hybrid technology. She points out Ford brought to market the first hybrid SUV. Also, they are the only SUV out that meets California's Partial Zero Emissions (PZEV).

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