Hybrid Rentals in Las Vegas ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid Rentals in Las Vegas

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hybrid Rentals in Las Vegas

After noticing how bad the smog was in LA, Jeff Pink decided "We've got to do something about this (air pollution) or we're going to kill ourselves". As chief executive of EV Rental Cars, he now has an exclusive agreement with US Rent A Car in Las Vegas.

Last week, 20 cars rolled onto the lot, with another 80 being due by the end of the month. They're hoping to have 500 total, but with demand so high, it's going to take time to deliver. The hybrid vehicles at US Rent A Car would include the Toyota Prius and the new Honda Civic which seat 5 passengers each.

The hybrid vehicles will rent at about 20 percent higher than standard vehicles because of the higher demand. Read more about renting hybrid in Las Vegas at Las Vegas SUN.

EV Rental Cars, working with Fox Rent A Car, offers hybrids in six California locations and Phoenix. That includes San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland.

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