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Hybrid Car Review: Why keep selling the Honda Insight hybrid?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why keep selling the Honda Insight hybrid?

The Honda Insight has sold only 624 units in the US for 2005 and has remained virtually unchanged since 2000. So why keep producing and selling the hybrid vehicle? Simple, says Gunnar Lindstrom, the senior manager of American Honda's Alternative Fuel Vehicle Programs.

Why the Insight soldiers on - Autoblog - www.autoblog.com _:

Every time the EPA and Natural Resources Canada publish their best and worst in the area of fuel economy, the Insight appears in the top spot, conspicuously above the name of one Toyota Prius, the runaway hit of hybrid sales. As long as Honda can squat in that top spot it will, which means the Insight will go on indefinitely until Honda can replace it with something just as thrifty.
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