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Hybrid Car Review: Are hybrid vehicles worth it?

Monday, January 23, 2006

Are hybrid vehicles worth it?

CNet had an article on the downside of hybrid technology. Automakers are not seeing a lot of profit from their investment (so far) and feel like the mileage claims being made are inflated. What the writer doesn't bother to tell you is that all mileage claims from the EPA are inflated and that's why they are proposing to change them.

Gosn's quote is quite interesting. I'm happy to see the regulations are making a difference in the automaker's production choices.

"I hate selling cars at a loss," Nissan Motor and Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn told reporters, saying hybrids were not a profitable proposition.

Nissan will bring out its first hybrid with the Altima sedan later this year, but says it was only because average fleet fuel economy regulations in California require it.

The other really interesting part of this article is in the comments section. Readers are piping in on their fuel mileage results, plus they point out how diesel fuel alternatives are being compared unfavorably to hybrids (Consumer Reports -- subscribers only online). Very interesting stuff.

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