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Hybrid Car Review: Are hybrids a passing fad?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Are hybrids a passing fad?

It seems that Bradley Berman of businessweek feels the engineers should be designing more eco friendly cars. The problem is, engineers aren't the ones deciding what to build or why. They work for the automakers who are deciding the future designs. And the automakers are taking their cues from the consumer who wants bigger and faster cars.

Story from BusinessWeek

Boys, Toys, and a Planet in Peril
I recently urged a group of auto engineers to put away gas-guzzling engines and other childish things. They didn't like it one bit

There are times when it makes sense to play along with the crowd. And then there are moments when you have to say exactly what's on your mind. I had one of those moments at the recent Society of Automotive Engineers' 2006 Hybrid Symposium in San Diego.

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