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Hybrid Car Review: Ford Escape hybrid sales have slowed?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ford Escape hybrid sales have slowed?

According to MarketWatch, Ford has increased it's incentives to $1000 on the Ford Escape hybrid. They note how sales on the SUV hybrid have slowed down to the point where there is no waiting list. Which is a good thing if you're a buyer and interested in getting in on the hybrid now, but don't want to sacrifice your SUV.

They report sales of approximately 1200 hybrid SUV's in February (I'm still looking for the numbers to finish off my report on February hybrid sales). If there number is accurate, that's a slight increase in sales from last February (1098 Ford Escape hybrids, February 2005).

Ford spokesman Jim Cain feels confident, however.

"We're just starting to flex our muscles in the hybrid market," Cain said, noting that the company plans to introduce at least seven new hybrids by decade's end. He said factors such as a new federal tax credit for hybrid buyers and another potential spike in gas prices could goose demand for Ford hybrids in the near term.

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