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Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid Crown Victorias?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hybrid Crown Victorias?

The New York Post is reporting on a plea from two NY politicians, Rep. Anthony Weiner and City Council Member David Yassky. Namely, the two Democrats from Brooklyn want a hybrid version of the Crown Victoria available to New York. Why? 95% of the cabs in New York are Crown Victorias.

If the current cabs in New York were replaced by hybrid versions, the two democrats estimate the cabs would reduce emissions in the city and reduce gas usage from approximately 50 million gallons to 40 million gallons a year.

Read more about the plea to Ford for Hybrid Crown Victorias at the New York Post.

My own estimate would be cabbies are not the ideal drivers of hybrids. Hybrids work best in non-aggressive driving situations. But hybrids turn off the gas engine when stopped or at low acceleration speeds so they do work well in stop and go traffic, so it may be a wash.

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