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Hybrid Car Review: Why buy a hybrid?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Why buy a hybrid?

The Mercury News out of San Jose, CA ran an article today about why people have bought hybrids.

Some of the answers are enlightening, but a majority of them are related to the environment: "It was the right thing to do. It helps the environment and also reduces our dependency on oil, a depleting resource."

Some answers were more practical : "I just got my carpool stickers for my Prius and boy is it nice. Cut my evening commute from 50 to 25 minutes."

And some were looking to save money: "I estimate my gas savings to be $1,900 a year. That's money in my pocket, like getting a raise." and "The hybrid was not attractive until the $3,000 tax benefit came into play"

And others are just looking to send a message: "We bought a Ford Escape hybrid because it has SUV utility with better mileage and fewer emissions and to send a message to U.S. car makers that there is a market for innovation, even if it costs more. I don't get why U.S. car makers think we still want these bloated, boring, rolling living rooms for cars."

Hybrid critics will have their say on Tuesday.

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