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Hybrid Car Review: Why you won't buy a hybrid

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Why you won't buy a hybrid

Yesterday, the Mercury News had some entries on why you should buy a hybrid, or more to the point why certain people did buy a hybrid. Today, they are letting the other side in on the arguement, and posted reasons why people won't buy a hybrid. Here's a sample of what people had to say.

Some can't justify the cost savings, because they just aren't worried about the environment: "Just $406 savings over five years? You gotta be kidding. That's $1.50 a week. I can save that by going to a station selling gas for two cents less per gallon."

Others feel like the mileage display can be too distracting: "It's only a matter of time until there is a study comparing these displays to cell phones as a detriment to good driving."

Others feel like hybrids are hogging up the carpool lanes: "if you are in carpool lane doing the limit, not only are you annoying the SUV driver behind you, you are annoying everyone behind him".."If there is a third in an Explorer carpool, a passenger-less Prius is a comparative gas guzzler."

Most responses had to do with bad driving of hybrid drivers:"Prius drivers seem especially loathe to allow people in front of them when lanes merge... Maybe these people were always sanctimonious and self-righteous"
Or: "I wish hybrid owners would simply come out of the closet and state the real reason they drive a hybrid -- snobbery."

I'm really finding it hard (like the editor of these letters) to bite my tongue, but I will. I'll let these statements speak for themselves.

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