A 1 Litre Car from VW ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: A 1 Litre Car from VW

Thursday, April 20, 2006

A 1 Litre Car from VW

A very impressive 285 mpg, too bad its the size of a motorcycle. And they describe it as looking more like a sports car than a research car... I'm not sure I buy that.

Press Release:
Volkswagen has once again demonstrated its position at the cutting edge of modern technology by presenting the world's most economical road car: the 1-litre or 285 mpg car.

It has an average fuel consumption of just 0.99 litres per 100 kilometres. It manages to combine driving pleasure with a level of fuel consumption never seen before.

The 1-litre car is a vehicle which looks more like a sports car than a typical research vehicle.

It is 3.47 metres long, but just 1.25 metres wide and just over a metre in height. To save weight, it is made of carbon composites and is not painted.
The interior is sportingly simple in design, yet offers enough space for two people.

The concept of the 1-Litre car - four wheels, low height, with two seats in tandem - gives an idea for a possible new family of vehicles, which could cover new requirements ranging from the ultra-economical vehicle, through the low-cost performance sports supercar.

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