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Hybrid Car Review: BMW will be making mild hybrids

Thursday, April 13, 2006

BMW will be making mild hybrids

BMW will be making some changes to their 2007 cars. With brake regeneration, start-stop features, bigger batteries and turbochargers, BMW is hoping to get more performance with better economy. Unfortunately, most of these changes will be made in Europe, not North America.

BMW will be equipping their cars with a stop-start feature (in Europe). So, when the engine comes to a stop, the gas (or diesel) engine will turn itself off, but when the driver releases the brake, the engine will re-start. They are avoiding this feature in North America, however, since the air conditioner is tied to the gas engine.

In order to implement this stop-start feature, they need a specially modified starter and a heavy duty battery. They are also implementing a brake regeneration system to recharge the battery.

They are using their Valvetronic system, which varies the duration and lift of the intake valves to maximize fuel economy in their 2007 Mini Cooper. They are also going to start using a turbocharger, rather than a supercharger across their fleet. These changes will give the Mini Cooper a 10 percent fuel economy gain.

From Automotive News.

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