Hybrid vans are needed, too. ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid vans are needed, too.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Hybrid vans are needed, too.

Most environmentalists would want (if you couldn't have an electric car) only Prius or Insights on the road. What thye often forget is how often larger vehicles are needed as well for shipping in business or even how often a larger vehicle is needed to just for normal people to get around with their things.

The following story is just one example of why hybrid technology should be rolled out to larger vehicles, as well.
Dear Mother Earth: How 'bout a hybrid van? | IndyStar.com

Max Allen's Earth Day wish list includes a hybrid vehicle that's at least twice the size of Toyota Prius or a Honda Insight.

The vocalist-guitarist says fuel prices are a headache for traveling musicians, so he'd rather drive himself, his bandmates and their gear across the Midwest in a part-gas, part-electric cargo van -- if such a vehicle existed.

"I think gas is out of the question in 20 years," Allen says. "What's the point? Oil is a fossil fuel, and it won't last."

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