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Hybrid Car Review: Minnesota want Ford to produce PHEV

Monday, April 10, 2006

Minnesota want Ford to produce PHEV

In an effort to keep their Ford plant in Minnesota, Rep Frank Hornstein wants the plant converted to produce plug-in hybrids vehicles (PHEV). The PHEV can be plugged in overnight and will run a vehicle at low speeds (under 30 mph) under full electric power. PHEVs routinely get over 100 mpg in urban driving, where there is plenty of stop and go, slow moving traffic.

Minnesota wants Ford to spend an estimated $500 million to convert the local plant from building the Ranger pickup to something else. Sales on the Ranger have been slowing and the locals are worried the plant will be closed as part of the downsizing plan for Ford.

Ford executives have been reluctant to convert the plant to PHEV, given polls indicating consumers would be reluctant to pay extra for the technology.

Hornsteins legislation is mostly 'investigative' in nature, including a panel that would research how to convert the plant.

Read the story at skywaynews.

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