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Hybrid Car Review: Virginia opts to keep hybrids in the HOV

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Virginia opts to keep hybrids in the HOV

Despite some of the recent news stories of the backlash (1, 2, 3, 4, and a recent lampoon by South Park - Smug Drivers) suffered by hybrid drivers, specifically due to their eligibility to drive in the HOV lanes in California, Virginia has opted to allow hybrid drivers to stay in the HOV lanes for another year.

Hybrid drivers who opt in before July 1 must apply for a Clean Special Fuel Vehicle license in order to take advantage of the extension. After that, a distinctly different license plate will be issued and drivers with these plates will not be allowed into the HOV lane with only one passenger during restricted hours.

The annual fee for the special license plate is being raised from $10 to $25. But so is the fine for HOV violators. First time offenders will incur a $125 fine, second offenders should expect that to double.

22% of cars in an October traffic study by the Virginia Department of Transportation were found to be hybrids. The findings about hybrids in the HOV lane in Virginia caused quite a stir in Virginia. - Hybrid drivers get to stay in HOV lanes

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