The dangers of hybrid rescue ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: The dangers of hybrid rescue

Monday, May 15, 2006

The dangers of hybrid rescue

Hybrid cars are a new technology that most rescue workers are becoming wary of. Why? When cars are involved in an accident, seconds can count. And now these first responders are being forced to stop and evaluate the situation for hidden dangers.

When a conventional gas engine is running, you can almost always tell by the noise. But hybrid engines can be so quiet, you could miss it. Imagine if the responder believes the engine is off, but then someone in an accident steps on the accelerator. Things can go from bad to worse very quickly.

Also, the larger batteries in a hybrid can be a concern. First responders are worried about getting electrocuted by these orange high voltage wires running throughout a hybrid engine.

Car makers are distributing information about their cars, how to check for wiring, where it should be located, how to make sure the engine is turned off, how to cut the electricity if you need to, etc... Of course, its not only hybrids that they are worried about. Anytime a new car comes out, emergency workers need to learn various about the various safety issues involved. For instance, if they need to use the jaws of life to cut someone out, they don't want to cut through an airbag.

If you're truly concerned about hybrid safety, I would suggest you read this article over at Green Car Congress. "Green Car Congress recently sat down with extrication instructor Ron Shaw to discuss the rapidly increasing technology present in today’s vehicles, and in innovative vehicles in particular. The interview also touched on the challenges presented by hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles."

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