GM delivers hybrid buses to Denver ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: GM delivers hybrid buses to Denver

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

GM delivers hybrid buses to Denver

Denver added four buses powered by diesel-electric hybrid buses to its mass transit fleet today. These hybrid buses have better fuel economy, and produce up to 60 percent fewer oxides of nitrogen emissions and 90 percent fewer particulate, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions than standard diesel buses.

US Sen Ken Salazar and representatives from Denver RTD, Gillig Corp and General Motors were expected at today's ceremony.

Other benefits include lower maintenance costs relating to the brakes, oil, and transmission fluids. The hybrid buses can attain 50 percent faster acceleration and at the same time have reduced the sound levels. Although, hybrid buses tend to cost more up front.

Since 2004, more than 445 GM hybrid buses have been delivered to 37 communities in the US and Canada. GM expects to deliver 189 by the end of the year.

The two-mode hybrid technology in these buses has served as the starting point for GM’s co-development with DaimlerChrysler and BMW Group of a two-mode hybrid system for light-duty vehicles that GM will launch next year in the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon fullsize SUVs, followed by the Cadillac Escalade in 2008.

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